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Road that was built in 1891-1916 but was not available for motorcycle riding till 2012. The largest country in the world with great history, variety of landscape, culture and traditions that was closed till 1991, still surrounded with myths and talks. Today both barriers removed and we invite you to challenge yourself with fascinating Moscow-Vladivostok ride, the Great Trans-Siberian Route.

This tour is a not a usual ride, it's a challenge, a 10 000 journey from Europe to Asia, from Moscow and Red Square through vast Siberia, great Lake Baikal and till the mysterious Far East and Pacific Ocean. You will see Europe and Asia, 23 different regions, try Russia vodka, Russia banya (sauna), BBQ the way we do it, swim in Lake Baikal, visit national parks and historical monuments. And all that with new BMW GS, nice carefully selected hotels, English speaking guides and support VAN. Safe and comfortable. As locals we will show you most interesting secondary roads, backcountry towns and small villages, unique places of interest, real life of local people. Very few touristic places, a lot of real Russia.

This ride is in the bucket list for everyone and we are excited to offer it you today. Be one of the first to try it. This ride is something you will remember for long, something you will share with your children and grandchildren, something that will change your perception of Russia.
Russia is the largest county in the world with huge variety of places - nature, history, culture, landscape. More than 200 nations live in Russia in 85 regions, they speak 35 languages, follow 7 religions. Russia is surrounded by 12 seas and 3 oceans, there are Caucasus, Sayan and Altay Mountains, Lake Baikal, tundra, taiga, steppes and forests, permafrost area and deserts.

Our main goal is to Explore Russia to travelers from all over the world. Our focus in every tour is your safety, best roads, highest quality of service. As locals with solid experience in motorcycle travelling and tour guiding we do not a usual tour, but a memorable journey. A ride of a lifetime.

You will receive:
  1. Best possible understanding of Russia. During the riding days and in the evening we will discuss history of Russian Empire, Romanov Family, Lenin and Stalin, Revolution, the making of USSR, World War 2, Gorbachev and Perestroika, Putin, economy, culture, traditions, cuisine and hundreds of other topics
  2. Private visits to local motorcycle clubs, try real Russian banya (sauna), do vodka tasting and experience many other things that are cool to try if you are in Russia and that you can try only with locals
  3. Outstanding level of service
  4. Private excursions with locals
  5. New BMW GS bikes
  6. Technical support all the journey
We are #1 tour company in Russia. We help, explain, care about everything while you have great vacations. Riding with us is safe and great cultural enrichment.
This Tour is a Not a Usual Ride, It's a Challenge...
Why Ride With Us?
Once in a life time experience! Take your adventure right away!
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A legendary tour from Moscow to Vladivostok. 10,000 km, 25 days. You will see Red Square, Ural Mountains, Siberia, Lake Baikal and the Far East. Everyone should do it in their life at least once.
Return trip, with minor changes in the itinerary. Same 10,000 km and 25 days two parts of the continent - Asia and Europe, Far East, Lake Baikal, Siberia, Ural Mountains and Red Square. Amazing journey through the largest country in the world.
Accommodation in 3-4* hotels (single room)
Riding days: 17
Rest days: 6 + 2 days arrival/departure
Roads: 95% asphalt roads
Daily average distance: 500-600 km / 310-373 miles
Duration: 25 days
Total distance: approx. 10,000 km / 6200 miles
Carefully maintained motorcycles
BMW GS series
Support VAN
Our fleet consists of late-model motorcycles.
Or you can join the group on your own motorcycle
There is a support VAN with a group carrying your luggage, spare parts, tires, extra motorcycle and other useful staff. There are 2 places in the cabin, you can ride there if necessary.
Our professional English-speaking guides
We have best guides you can find in Russia. Experienced, with solid background. All our guides have been on this route several times before
Safety is our main priority
We arrange everything in most safe and comfortable way. We use secondary roads to avoid traffic, we respect road rules, we ride 100-120 km/h on average to control the road.
Tour price per person
Your own motorcycle
9 950 EUR
9 950 EUR
10 450 EUR
6 500 EUR
5 000 EUR
Seat Height: 790 - 810 mm
Weight: 209 kg dry weight
Power: 75 HP
F700GS represents a new generation of BMW's original and uncompromising enduro models. It behaves confidently on any road surfaces and is ready for any surprises on the road.
Cost-effectiveness of the "Bavarian" is provided by the advanced engine management system and updated exhaust system. Its long-range chassis is adapted to off roads drive and perfectly smooths road bumps.

The design of BMW F700GS is based on the space-frame chassis with increased stiffness coefficient. It allows installing an extensive intake system with the increased air chamber. A large-volume plastic fuel tank is located under the comfortable seat; it improves the balance on a motorcycle while riding.

An anti-lock braking system (ABS), as well as reliable disc brakes of BMW F700GS increase safety of travel, making it more controllable in straight runs, and when entering the sharp turns at high speed. The bike is equipped with a new handlebar and an updated, modern display featuring several parameters. For added convenience, the suspension spring could be adjusted by the hand operated wheel.
Seat Height: 850 - 880 mm
Weight: 214 kg dry weight
Power: 85 HP
BMW F800GS is the most universal bike, that can help you in any situation. Doesn't matter where you want to go, Moscow-Saint-Petersburg, Golden Ring, Trans-Siberian Road, Magadan, Karelia, Altay Mountains, Old Summer Road or BAM - you can rely on this bike in every situation.

It's a bit cheaper than R1200GS but it has more than enough of power. And it has great suspension and R21 front wheel that can help you pass most of the road inequalities while travelling in Russia. Another big advantage of this bike is weight. The bike is way lighter than R1200GS, especially in Adventure modification with panniers and top case.

We have eight of F800GS in our park, most of them are for Moscow-Vladivostok Tour, but you can also rent this bike for any other tour or for a self-guided one.
Seat Height: 790 - 870 mm
Weight: 238 kg dry weight
Power: 125 HP
The BMW R1200GS is the most successful model in the German manufacturer's history which has become the modern standard for long-haul travelling both on- and off-road.

It is the best-selling motorcycle of BMW Motorrad, which has been repeatedly winning the record sales battles in the US and UK markets. The Germans succeeded in making the GS bike so easy to drive, together with being comfortable for the driver and safely ridden on all kinds of road, that it has become the best-selling motorcycle model in many countries.

In 2007, Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman rode their GSA from Scotland to South Africa; that journey was documented in great "Long Way Down" TV series.

BMW's Adventure series of GS models were first launched in 2001 and were based on the BMW R1150GS. From the very beginning, they are used during the long journeys on any roads, and even without them. Larger tank and long-stroke suspension are the calling card of Adventure motorcycles.

The bike is equipped with a full complement of electronics: the integrated ABS, Enduro ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment), Automatic Stability Control (ASC) and tire pressure sensors.
Included services:
  • Motorcycle rental (BMW F700/F800GS, extra charge for R1200GS - 500 EUR)
  • Petrol (for rented motorcycle only, if you ride your own motorcycle petrol is not included)
  • Accommodation in 3-4* hotels (single room)
  • Breakfasts (during all days)
  • Meals during the riding days (lunch and dinner)
  • English-speaking guide on a motorcycle
  • Support VAN
  • Motorcycle insurance
  • Cultural program with Russian baths, BBQ, boat trips, local guides and excursions in Ekaterinburg, Krasnoyarsk, at Lake Baikal, in Vladivostok
  • Visa assistance

Services not included:
  • Air tickets to Russia
  • Taxi to the airport
  • Medical insurance
  • Extra motorcycle insurance (extra 350 Euro, no deposit needed, full coverage)
  • Visa counsel fee
  • All other expenses not listed above

Gilles Leo Robert, Canada
"Just a few words of a remarkable Adventure through Russia ,your expertise and the work you have done in preparing this trip is unbelievable you had us visit places I would not imagined such Kalashnikoff armour industry, Ural Motorcycle plant, many cultural Museums, Lake Baikal, local markets plus on our days of rest and more you had guides waiting for us to visit local areas of importance, hotels and meals were always perfect much more than what I was expecting, you have beautiful country and I certainly hope people will visit with your RUSMOTOTRAVEL."
Trans-Siberian Tour, Jul - Aug 2017
Freund Kenneth Robert, USA
"Most of us really know very little about Russia, and the name Siberia has negative connotations with many folks. However, weeks and thousands of kilometers proved otherwise, as the vast landscape is covered with beautiful forests, farmland, lakes and mountains. The cities often have architecture and modern amenities rivaling the best anywhere, and the rural areas have a rustic charm that's hard to describe.
Overall the people were helpful and friendly. Many people were curious about us and our large motorcycles, especially outside the cities..."
Trans-Siberian Tour, Jul - Aug 2017
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