Can I participate on my own bike?
Yes, you can. The price will be 6500 Euro. Your bike must be reliable enough to run 10 000 km without big risk of break and preferable it should be something like BMW GS, KTM Adventure, Honda AfriсaTwin, Triumph Tiger. There would be gravel segments, thought not long, we will leave the road many times to see interesting places in small towns and cities.
How many people in the group?
6-10 motorcycles plus local guide on motorcycle and support VAN.
What is daily average mileage?
500-600 km per day. In some days we have 300-400 km, in a few last days it will be 700-800 km per day. But road quality is good, so it's not very difficult.
What is the condition of the road?
In general all roads are in good conditions. There are some segments with road works or with 1-2 km of broken asphalt, holes in the road, but that is less than 1% of total distance.
Is the road fully asphalted or there are gravel/off road segments?
Its fully asphalted, but we will have short gravel segments, mostly to avoid the highway or see some interesting places. Usually it will be 20-30 km segments
Can you give me GPS Navigations if during some days I want to ride in my own?
Yes we give everyone GPS with coordinates of all places, so you can potentially ride on your own and just meet us at the hotel.
Do you have a support van?
Yes, we have a support VAN with extra bike, spare parts and your luggage following the group.
What happens if my bike gets broken?
We will help you repair your bike on the road or in the nearest city. If that is not possible, we have replacement bike in the support VAN.
What is is best time to ride Trans-Siberian route?
In general its summer month, but be ready that during this trip you will experience all types of weather conditions, it will be rainy, sunny, windy, low temperature in some days. Also in the segment from Chita to Blagoveschensk highway goes through the territory of eternal frost. Low temperatures with short snow can be seen here even in July-August, although it happens very rare and short in time.
I heart road from Moscow to Vladivostok is rather boring, straight and flat. Is it true?
If you ride the highway (like most people do, because they don't know secondary roads) then its true. But we know interesting secondary roads, local people, nice local sights – all that makes this trip much more interesting.
I am not very experienced in motorcycle travelling, can I participate in a such trip?
Although we ride mostly asphalted roads this tour requires advanced riding skills and travel experience. You must be ready for a long tour with daily mileage up to 800 km. Most of the days it will be 500-600, but that is also more than on average European tour operators ride in "Beautiful Apls" tours.
Are there service stations along the road? Can I change oil, replace tires?
It's possible to change oil and replace tires almost everywhere. There will be BMW official dealers approx. every 2000-3000 km. For other brands (KTM, Honda, Suzuki, etc.) there would be few official dealers and many local service stations.
How much money should I take with me? Are credit cards excepted?
Credit cards are expected almost everywhere. Total sum that you need for the tour is around 1000 EUR. We suggest to take 500 EUR in cash (need to change in Russian Rubles in the bank) and the rest on the card.
Can I ride with a passenger (wife, girlfriend)? What would be the price?
Yes, you can ride with a passenger, but to be honest, we think it's a hard tour for passenger. Be sure your passenger is ready for such a journey. Price for the passenger is 6000 EUR.
What tires are most preferable for such trip?
We like Metzeler Tourance and Michelin Anakee 2, tires with 80% asphalt and 20% off-road potential. But there are many other brands and tires, so you are free to choose what you want. Pay attention, that it must be road tire, off-road segments will be short.
What weather is expected?
In the end of May and beginning of September its +15-20, during the summer +20-30. degrees .
Is it safe in Russia?
From our point of view its absolutely safe in Russia, especially in Siberia. People are friendly, drivers ride safe, roads are in good conditions. Driving manners are not very good in the Southern regions of Russia (Sochi, Crimea, it's like in Sicily there). Also in the eternal frost area in small villages and towns its very poor level of life and we advise you not to go there alone, especially late in the evening. People live there for 100 Euro per months, extensively drink vodka, can be aggressive being drunk.
What are the driving manners of local people?
Depends from region to region. In the central part of Russia and in Siberia drivers are polite, they get to the roadside when they see bike, letting you go. Show you with lights when there is police in front. In the southern regions of Russia they are more crazy, like in Sicily. In the north there are not many cars at all and people are friendly and helpful.
Can you help me with visa?
Yes, we can help you with standard tourist (30 days) or business (from 90 to 360 days) visa. We provide visa support services if you join one of our tours.
If you have any other questions don't hesitate to contact us