Top-5 longest and most challenging routes on the Earth or Why you must ride Trans-Siberian Route
Trans-Siberian June 2019 tour finished in Vladivostok!!!
There are many roads on the Earth, straight and with many turns, paved and gravel, flat or mountain. But there are several that distinguish from others because of their history, significance, rich scenery and variety of places you visit and experience.
How was it? Really fantastic ride, amazing journey
Nov 11, 2018
June 31, 2019
How to get Russian Visa?
Update Autumn 2018
When most of you think of going to Russia one of the first questions you have is HOW TO GET A RUSSIAN VISA?

Oct 12, 2018
Moscow-Vladivostok, an Ultimate Ride Through Siberia. PART 2. Overview of Siberia Regions
Moscow-Vladivostok, an Ultimate Ride Through Siberia. PART 1. What is Siberia?
This is second article about Siberia. Last time we wrote what is Siberia all about and what are the main highlights, today we will give overview of Siberia Regions.
Siberia has always attracted the attention of motorcycle travelers for its size, harsh climate, nature and inaccessibility. Until recently, there was practically no reliable information about Siberia, today there is more information, but it is very diverse and is scattered across various sources.
Sep 21, 2018
Sep 11, 2018
Oct 01, 2018
Moscow-Vladivostok, an Ultimate Ride Through Siberia. PART 3. Eleven Safety Rules
This is last part of the series of posts regarding Siberia. Today we share with you our experience how to prepare yourself and your bike and ride safe. We hope you will enjoy reading. Preparing yourself and your bike.