Gilles Leo Robert, Canada
"Just a few words of a remarkable Adventure through Russia ,your expertise and the work you have done in preparing this trip is unbelievable you had us visit places I would not imagined such Kalashnikoff armour industry, Ural Motorcycle plant, many cultural Museums, Lake Baikal, local markets plus on our days of rest and more you had guides waiting for us to visit local areas of importance, hotels and meals were always perfect much more than what I was expecting, you have beautiful country and I certainly hope people will visit with your RUSMOTOTRAVEL."
Trans-Siberian Tour, Jul - Aug 2017
"This is truly an adventure trip of amazing proportions. The great distances across this vast country, stunning scenery, fascinating traditional Russian villages and life all packaged, arranged and led by highly experienced and responsible guides. One of the most interesting and enlightening motorcycle tours you could join which will leave you with a snapshot and better understanding of Russia from west to east. Thoroughly recommended."
Trans-Siberian Tour, May - Jun 2018
Graham Vavangas, UK

Andre Du Plessis, South Africa
"As a keen adventure motorcyclist, I wish to ride around the world. Since 2010 I have travelled through 49 countries on my motorbike, some alone, some with my wife or son, a friend or two and some in groups. There have also been a variety of road surfaces, and some trips were luxurious and others we camped and roughed it.

It has always been my desire to travel through Russia, and specifically to see Siberia. In the process of researching how to go about doing it, not understanding the language and other logistical challenges, I read about Rusmototravel and contacted Alex Nikonov.

A small group of 5 motorcyclist, including Alex and Tim Karpov from Rusmototravel, rode from Moscow to Vladivostok from 21 July to 13 August 2017. The trip was really excellent and very educational. Alex and Tim went out of their way to take us to interesting places where tourists would not normally have access to. We were invited to private homes where we were spoilt with typical Russian food dishes and drinks. Throughout the journey Alex and Tim informed us of local customs, historical facts and Russian opinions. The itinerary and riding distances were carefully and well planned. The accommodation was very good. I would recommend anyone wanting to travel in and experience Russia to book their trip through Rusmototravel."
Trans-Siberian Tour, Jul - Aug 2017
"This tour was exhausting but I would redo it in a flash. The professional support I got from ALL THE STAFF (include hotel bookings and problem solving) is worthy of praise. I think I saw Russia as it is: WARTS and BEAUTY..of the LAND, the PEOPLE, the DYNAMISM, the very justified PRIDE and openness to the WORLD of its CITIZENS.

Do it for the challenge and the discovery this is adventure riding with GREAT PERKS (food,cultural and geographical discovery). Cafe racers beware... Also you don't need to be in ironman shape...Like the famous man said:..DON'T WuORRiY, BEi HiEYPPiY!!! JUST DO IT..."
Trans-Siberian Tour, May - Jun 2018
Andrée Creapeu, Canada
Freund Kenneth Robert, USA
"Most of us really know very little about Russia, and the name Siberia has negative connotations with many folks. However, weeks and thousands of kilometers proved otherwise, as the vast landscape is covered with beautiful forests, farmland, lakes and mountains. The cities often have architecture and modern amenities rivaling the best anywhere, and the rural areas have a rustic charm that's hard to describe.
Overall the people were helpful and friendly. Many people were curious about us and our large motorcycles, especially outside the cities. Many times they asked where we were going and had questions about the bikes, where we were from, etc. We were almost treated like rock stars, with people wanting to pose on the bikes and with us, shooting stills and video with their cell phones. We never had any hassles with the police or problems with any sort of crime, and the motorcycles were never disturbed or anything pilfered.
Looking back, I'm glad I rode across Russia, and pleased with how honest and helpful Alex and Tim of Russian Moto Tours were. They take pride in showing others their country and work hard to provide a true cultural experience along with all the riding."
Trans-Siberian Tour, Jul - Aug 2017
Marty Garrison, USA
"That ride was a trip of a lifetime."
Trans-Siberian Self-guided Tour, Jul - Aug 2017
Dirk Beijaard, Netherlands
Steve Mason, UK
"I booked a semi customized tour with Rusmototravel and was delighted with the flexibility shown and the product. It certainly enhanced my Russia trip experience. Alex and his team worked tirelessly to ensure the group had a great time."
Trans-Siberian Tour, May - Jun 2018
Trans-Siberian Tour, May - Jun 2018
"If you are an experienced motorcyclist, have good physical condition, like pure motorcycling and you want an adventure this is the journey you must make. Excellent hotels and experienced and helpful guides complete the picture."
Rosann & Daniel McLaughlan, Australia
Warwick and Rick Besso, Australia
"I rode the trans Siberian tour and had an absolute blast. The guides are very knowledgable of Russian history and where always helping out and did there job very well. The bikes where in great condition and very well looked after. If you choose to do this ride you will not be disappointed I highly highly recommend it.."
Trans-Siberian Tour, Jun - Jul 2018
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Trans-Siberian Tour, Aug - Sep 2017
"Please accept out thanks for a brilliant road trip across Russia.
To meet yourself, your guides was a real pleasure.
Your guides really made our trip a happy and relaxed moto ride."